A Simple Daily Practice

Reflect and Learn Daily

Part of the Practices Project from James Porter.

Use of the internet can be thoughless, time consuming and irregular. Daily is a little App which fascilitates intentional use of the Web. Set up a set of bookmarks for sites or resources you want to visit regularly. Set reminders. Then on your phone or tablet easily and regularly access them.

Daily is an App for iOS and soon Android (and perhaps other platforms at some point). I hope you find it useful. You will also find on this website a set of resources for reflection and/or learning which doesn't require the App(s). I hope to add further options such as a calendar based version which doesn't require any extra App or website usage.

James Porter


These suggestions were mostly submitted by users of the Open Prayer Book App. They have only been lightly reviewed (these are not endorsed but dead links, offensive material etc. will be removed).



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Of course there is always Google:


Starting with iOS these will be released in Summer 2015.